Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) were originally designed as a plan to save for retirement that also provides some tax advantages through the possible use of a tax deduction and also tax-deferred or tax-free growth. Today there are a number of different IRA products that also provide saving for some other major expenses.

We offer Traditional, Roth and SEP IRAs and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (formerly Education IRAs) that can be opened for as little as $100.00. Contributions are placed into fixed or variable rate certificate of deposit investments. Early withdrawal penalties apply and government penalties may also apply if the account owner is less than 59 ½ at the time of withdrawal. These accounts are FDIC insured.

It is important that you discuss your retirement needs with your tax advisor. When you determine which plan is right for you, a customer service representative will be happy to discuss current rates, more IRA details, and establish an account for you.

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